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What is Kraftful?
Quickly learn what users need so you can focus on building a delightful product. AI summaries of user feedback from app store reviews, support tickets, call transcripts, and more.
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Recent launches

Kraftful 2.0
🦾 AI-generated surveys in ChatGPT
🧠 Auto-analyze user feedback from 30+ sources (calls, reviews, support tix)
✍️ Generate user stories + sync to Jira / Linear
💡 Get time back to focus on product strategy

AI won’t replace PMs.
But PMs leveraging Kraftful will.
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Kraftful plugin for ChatGPT
Kraftful’s ChatGPT plugin is a product coach, sharing best practices informed by top product gurus

💬 Ask for product advice
🧭 Build your roadmap
📝 Write clear documentation

Built by the team behind
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