The best alternatives to Kalisi are ShareTube, #exportFB, and WWDC Together. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Kalisi
  • Watch YouTube videos with friends, synced to the second
  • Tools to make exported Facebook's data easier to organise.
  • WWDC Together is a free place to watch and hangout during WWDC. We can now view upcoming and previous sessions via modern playback, with a chatroom for each session. Hope this provides a similar WWDC vibe.
  • Browse and watch YouTube videos together with friends. Create a party in one click. No signup. No ads. 100% free. Twitch, Facebook and Soundcloud coming soon.
  • HMU is building a digital living room! They're creating a group video chat platform that lets you and your best friends interact & watch content together. Easily watch gaming content from Twitch, Mixer & Youtube all in one place with friends
  • Watch perfectly synced videos together. Anywhere.
  • Watch movies and YouTube in sync while you talk.
  • Vadio is a platform that allows you to share what you are watching in youtube in real time. Share your channel link with your friends or whatever you want and the users that connect to your channel can see what you are watching in the exactly same time. Even can add videos to the playlist, chat and play with the playlist.
  • HBO Party is a chrome extension for which allows you to watch movies and series together.