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June 2.0 was ranked at #1 Data & Analytics for 2022
#1 Data & Analytics Product of the Year
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What is June?
June is product analytics for B2B SaaS. Get auto-generated reports focused on how companies use your product, not users
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Shoutout to the team at June! They're fantastic for all product analytics and dashboarding. It's helped us refine how we think about drivers for activation, conversion, and retention.
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June 3.2
A new way of doing product analytics for B2B SaaS businesses: ⚡️ Fast analysis to spend more time building 🔍 Finder to jump on accounts 💌 CRM integration to reach out with the right message at the right time ➗ No-code trait editor To try 👉 www.june.so
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June 3.0
June 3.0 - The new way to do product analytics.

⚡️ Track the right metrics with zero setup
🏢 Optimized to measure companies
🔍 Zoom into your metrics

👉 Give it a try: http://june.so
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