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The best alternatives to HeyTaco! are Assembly, Growbot for Slack, and Disco. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to HeyTaco!
Automated security compliance for your business in weeks

  • Assembly is a free employee engagement, recognition, and rewards platform (free for unlimited users). Raise the bar on recognition and help instill your company's core values.

  • Celebrate team wins in Slack

  • Disco makes it easy to celebrate your company culture and values, all in the messaging tools you already use. On a mission to help companies live their values daily and reward the people that do.

  • OldRobo is a peer review platform with an appreciation system and evaluation system to increase employee engagement and productivity. It helps companies to motivate their employees with the help of gamification...

  • Praise, values, rewards, reports, surveys, mini-games, onboardings and 1-on-1s automated. Karma brings true bonding to remote teams. You can build stronger, happier teams on Slack and MS Teams, set goals, track...

  • Scorebot is a slackbot using reactions to messages as way to scoring other members of your team.

  • A scoreboard with your teammates in Slack

  • A platform makes sending kudos (PETs) and structured feedback easy and fun for small and large companies. All PETs appear on the company timeline to create an ongoing positive buzz, and provide sociometric and ...

  • Simple and effortless native polls and surveys that work where you work best, and empower you to do your best work. Half bot, half parrot that's busy changing the culture of surveys within the enterprise.

  • Send recognition and more from Slack to your office TVs.

  • CompanyMood empowers companies and teams to benefit from continuous #feedback to increase employee engagement and retention.

  • AI chat-bot that shops for you and your team

  • Boost your team morale, recognise awesomeness and simply make Slack way more fun by using High Five! It's a great way to display and track recognition to bring people together, now that we are further apart. Tr...

  • GoodRipple is a bot that gives you ideas how to make your coworker's day and matches you up.

  • See what your friends or coworkers really think about you so you can optimize your behavior. Our goal is to help you clearly see what you're doing great at, where your blind spots are, and how you can improve.

  • Managing the channels on Telegram — Telepult Service for channel administrators with a user-friendly interface.

  • Capture anonymous and actionable feedback from your team

  • Preciate is the free mobile app that empowers you to strengthen your team and build your relationships by giving and receiving in-the-moment recognition. Preciate compiles the real-time career story of your acc...

  • Use Resampli to drive productivity without compromising the all important relationship with your tech team. Hooks into Jira software, tracks completed issues, rewards users proportional to estimated work size.

  • Joyful Squad helps leaders gather, measure and track their team’s happiness. With an engaging, automatic two-question happiness survey and an analytics dashboard, you can gather the information you need to make...