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What is Heroku?
Heroku is a platform as a service (PaaS) that enables developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud.
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A big shoutout to Heroku for seamlessly deploying our servers!
Heroku has been an invaluable asset for Sourcer AI by providing a reliable and scalable platform to host our database. Its managed service simplifies deployment, scaling, and maintenance, allowing us to focus on developing and refining our AI-powered fact-checking features. With Heroku’s robust infrastructure, we ensure high availability and performance, enabling Sourcer AI to handle a growing number of user requests efficiently. Additionally, Heroku’s seamless integration with our existing tools and frameworks has streamlined our development process, ensuring quick updates and smooth operations. This has been crucial in maintaining the responsiveness and reliability of Sourcer AI.
I used Heroku to host my web application and make it accessible on the World Wide Web.
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One-off Dyno Metrics
The One-off Dyno Metrics Heroku add-on allows you to natively monitor and investigate detached one-off dynos. Metrics such as dyno lifecycle events, execution times and throughput help you diagnose issues fast. Know everything is running ok in a single glance.
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Stackhero for Redis
Stackhero for Redis is a new Heroku addon, running on a dedicated instance and dedicated IP, with TLS encryption (up to 1.3 with ECDSA!), a generous amount of simultaneous connections and some very competitive prices.
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