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What do people think of Height?

The community submitted 23 reviews to tell us what they like about Height, what Height can do better, and more.
What do you think about Height?
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23 Reviews
Nick Noble
Founder @ Miniware
4 reviews
Height is the best project management tool, hands down. I've tried all the others and the only thing that comes close is Linear, but it leans heavily towards scrum / agile and task entry is slow. Height has the fastest task entry experience, best collaboration experience, and the only use of LLMs in a product that didn't feel tacked on or a novelty (it's genuinely useful and they keep making it better).

Amir Baloch
Civil Engineer, Architect & Tech Geek
2 reviews
Height is one of the greatest app for task and team management. The slick UI and UX is brilliant with minimalistic details. This app focus more into work done without any waste of your precious time. Highly recommend this app for small and startup teams. Also can be used for personal work/tasks.



best app ever

JP Boily
JP Boily
Founder @ Metrics Watch
3 reviews
Review of Height
We moved to Height a last year and really, really love the product! It is super flexible while not cluttered. Their smart views that let you see what you want across multiple lists with filters is a game changer! 👌 Amazing keyboard shortcuts + command center lets you drive everything with your keyboard if you so wish as I do. Bonus point: the team is highly responsive when we've got questions! 👏

Pagandai V Pannirselvam
Maker system greentec food fuel edu3
8 reviews
use case templates limited to redy to use , the user ux design with forms input very much limited

Ranjith Kp
Iam a product marketer
11 reviews
visualisation is good

Andrea Grasso
Creative Technologist
2 reviews
My companion, I couldn't do without you anymore.

Wesley Matson
Executor of dreams
2 reviews
I really love that everything you can do has a keyboard shortcut and appears in the command pallette

Rajiv Ranjan
Start up enthusiast
1 review
Very Intuitive product

Luiz Henrique


Height is a platform that enables a wide range of use cases, which is a clear sign of its great success! I've used it as a personal and work task management tool, a daily to-do list, and even as a study tool, employing strategies such as spaced repetition. It's incredibly versatile and straightforward.