Google Home

A smart speaker and virtual assistant from Google
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Google Home Hub was ranked at #1 Smart Home for 2018
#1 Smart Home Product of the Year
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What is Google Home?
The smart speaker from the eponymous search giant was designed to compete with the popular Amazon Echo. The Google Home can play music, but it's primarily designed as a vehicle for Google Assistant -- Google's voice-activated virtual helper that's connected to the internet. The Google Assistant you access via the Home is the same as the one on recent Android phones such as the Google Pixel 3A.

Google Home tech stack

We're aware of 3 technologies that Google Home is built with. Google Home utilizes products like Google Fonts, Google Tag Manager in their tech stack

Recent launches

Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub is a smart device with voice-controls for your home. View your calendar, listen to music, get cooking instructions, and much more.

Google Home Max

Google Home Max is the new version of Google Home built for sound. Whole room audio in a compact speaker.

Google Home Max image
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