Product discovery & development platform.
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What is Fibery?
Fibery is a product discovery and development platform. Analyze user feedback, identify top insights, track development, and close the feedback loop.
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Recent launches

Fibery AI
Create a new custom space for ANY domain (🎣→👩🏻‍💻) in minutes from a simple prompt. 👽 Call AI to do things for you automatically: from summarization to information extraction. 🤓 Write and edit texts faster with a chat-like AI Assistant.
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Fibery for Startups
Fibery is a work & knowledge hub for startups, less hated than all the rest. Why? 🧶 It unites research, soft dev, sales & CRM, replacing 5+ tools. 🔗 Has nice docs, powerful databases, reports & automations too. 🧀 Free for 1 year if your startup's ARR < ours.
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