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The best alternatives to DreamFort are LucidDreamBot, Luci, and Shape: Lucid Dreaming. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to DreamFort
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  • Imagine a world where anything is possible. That is the world of Lucid Dreaming. Learning how to lucid dream can be hard. LucidDreamBot streamlines this journey. Ready to explore your dreams?

  • Lucid dreaming is when you become aware that you're in a dream; this awareness allows you to take control over your dreams, whether that be to make yourself fly, time travel or become a movie star! If you can i...

  • Shape is a lucid dreaming app for iOS – featuring audio guides for the technique of waking up within the dreamworld, Am-I-Dreaming reminders for cultivating the habit of questioning reality, and a dream journal...

  • The first audiovisual dream-sharing network

  • Use Oniri to write down, understand and control your dreams. Keep a dream journal and access the most popular lucid dreaming techniques, hundreds of interpretations, statistics, and much more.

  • This alarm is designed for sound-induced lucid dreaming techniques, such as FILD, CANWILD, and Rausis. You can extensively personalize the app for you to lucid dream every night effortlessly! This app is entire...

  • The average person sleeps for 8 hours a night, unlock these hours and experience infinite realms. With Daydream, you can achieve lucid dreams simply and quickly. Record your dreams with the built-in dream journ...

  • Lucid dream enabler

  • The Dream-Enhancing Headband