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The best alternatives to DoPeopleSay are papapal, Wordcase, and Belatone.
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Best alternatives to DoPeopleSay
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  • 🌍 Learn a foreign language writing emails with interesting people. 🎁 Fill the form -and get a gift. 💌 Meet your pal. ✍️ Write and learn. 🗝 Simplicity is key here. No app. No fees. 👉 Let's go back to basics...

  • Wordcase is a fresh take on general knowledge, English phrases, and vocabulary. Guess the answer to the statement and win points. Compete with others globally and showcase your knowledge and grasp of the Englis...

  • Belatone is the first language learning app that lets you connect with independent, native speakers worldwide for quick, *on-demand* practice conversations.