Foundational AI for speech transcription and understanding.
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What is Deepgram?
Powerful transcription and understanding: diarization, language detection, and more. Dozens of languages, dialects, and use case models. Perfect for live and pre-recorded audio plus the SDKs and tools developers want. Try it free, no credit card required.

Deepgram tech stack

We're aware of 11 technologies that Deepgram is built with. Deepgram utilizes products like Google, Clearbit in their tech stack

Recent launches

Speech-to-Text API by Deepgram Nova
Nova is the world's deepest-trained ASR model to date, achieving unrivaled performance across diverse automatic speech recognition tasks. Nova delivers a 22% reduction in WER, 23-78x faster inference, and 3-7x lower cost than its closest competitor.
Speech-to-Text API by Deepgram Nova image
Deepgram MissionControl
Deepgram MissionControl is the first and only platform for training end-to-end deep learning speech recognition. Train a speech model to understand your accent, product names, and more within a few clicks or API calls.
Deepgram MissionControl image
5 more launches

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