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Roman Eaton

Product Manager at Dashly

3 reviews
I am very proud to be be the part of the team and its new philosofy. This release is not about only about new product features - it is our way to manifest our vision on communication between buisnesses and their customers
Elen Turovskaya
Thank you, Roman! I'm so excited too:)

Greg Orlov
Lead Product Marketing Manager in IT-A
1 review
We have used Dashly for our education project. I liked that you can create pop-ups and emails on custom events without any developers. I can change these sales and supports mechanics whenever I want. For my growth-team, this is the most important value, cause we need to change our communication as soon as possible. So, it's reduces the experiment time from 6 to 2 weeks.

Mitrache Adrian
Direct Marketing and E-commerce Manager
2 reviews
Pricing is way to high for what it offers. In 2022 still going for limited chatbot interactions?

Great company, which great products!

Sumeet Mahendra
Founder & CEO at RTIwala
10 reviews
I love the new Design and UX but Dashly.io still lacks many, yes many essential features which are available in many existing and even newly launched chat support tools. Some missing key features are as follows: 1. No HTML view and all HTML email replies are getting skweded (I've reported in depth to your team) but you people didn't built this in last two years. 2. No auto merging of the conversation from same sender. 3. No receipt tracking or confirmation. 4. No in-built doc/pdf viewing setup. 5. You cannot add a user manually and send the email campaign (bulk upload is effort consuming). 6. No data validation in the Bot. 7. The lazy and last loading feature in the chat widget to speed up the website. 8. No multi-lingual support. 9. No conversation/comment based replying feature.

Александр Асланьян
I'm marketer and product manager.
1 review
It's good app, I like it!

Zlata Cher
Desperate Marketer
2 reviews
Recommended this product
I truly like their chatbot, it is easy to built and it does not irritate users cuz it looks unobtrusively. Pros:Personally my business used to be with Dashly because of their chat, our traffic is not that big but at the same time we don't have a Chat Operator position. Instead, there are 3 people who wear several hats at work so in general we need 3 Agents to connect to Dashly. They did not charge for any, that is an advantage. We are on Business Chat Plan, so we can not get much of analytics. If we upgrade our plan, this feature will also be available, I gues,, I will comment on it later if I decide. Cons:What I did not really like is that they are not with MD365, guys, do sth with it!

Arpit Choudhury
Building Data Beats and astorik
18 reviews
Reviewed this product

It's always good to see such resources being produced but I feel there's too much focus on marketing the resource and a lot less focus on the actual content. Hope this is seen as positive feedback.


Peter Hons
13 reviews
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Review of Dashly Chatbot
I love Dashly, it is such a solid and professional business system,. The chat feature is just one of many. I am still learning and discovering more about it. Over the last year now the updates and added new features have been excellent. Support is superb. They keep on surprising me with all the quality of new ideas. Absolutely recommend this.