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#2 Product of the DayOctober 08, 2018

Now it is Dashly.io

Streamline your funnel with our messaging platform. Track traffic sources to acquire visitors personally. Send a welcome campaign after they sign up and then nurture these leads on every stage of the funnel.

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When you identify your goals right inside the carrotquest you will get well-built instrument to make marketing based on your users' behavior. We used it more then a month and now reorganized the structure of goals inside.


a lot of opportunities to make online-marketing (behavior marketing)


too much java-script that makes a marketer work with a programmer too often

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We have embedged this product through GTM. Not too much JS
Highly recommend acquiring some GTM skills. Deploy GTM once, then your Carrot tags using the GTM interface.
Hey, Product Hunters! I'm Dmitriy, CEO at Carrrot.io. Disclaimer: we have a great deal for you, 🔥visit the site to get 50% off 🔥 To be honest, we're launching here for the first time and even though we've spent a lot of time to prepare, there will be comments and questions - so @alena_korpula, @roman_eaton, and @valeryfenskaya are here to chat with you. Yeah, this is a highly competitive niche and Carrrot steps there to understand whether the good product could steal the hearts 💛of small and medium SaaS and e-commerce companies. We are building Carrrot to help you work with your leads since they were visitors. It is the messaging platform that tracks visitors' behaviour and you could detect whether they are activated into your key features. Furthermore, you could nurture them forward with manual or triggered messages. Carrrot estimates the performance of every message. These could be compared with A/B tests to choose the most efficient ones. Moreover, the analytics feature allows to look through user journey within the funnels - be agile and iterate your funnel! We don't charge for seats or active contacts, the only thing you need to know is your monthly traffic. All the features are available from the 2 weeks trial. We're extremely excited about the early adopters, that's why we'd love to support directly every Product Hunter! 💸PRO TIP💸: GO to the website and get a 50% discount forever on every plan.
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@alena_korpula @roman_eaton @valeryfenskaya @dmitryiv, The product looks interesting :) Few thoughts if you are planning to scale your B2B sales : a) Reach out to funded SaaS start-ups who have recently raised funding. Since they have money in their bank accounts, they will be spending money to acquire more traffic. More Traffic >> More Queries >> Carrrot b) Reach out to SaaS companies who are hiring for customer support, customer success and product manager. Since they are already hiring for these roles, it means it might be willing to try a product like Carrrot. Happy to hear your thoughts on this :)
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@alena_korpula @roman_eaton @dmitryiv @shreyaa_ratra Hi Shreyaa, many thanks for fruitful advice! We'll include both A and B into the roadmap 😄
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@valeryfenskaya how to claim 50% discount forever?

I specially like this carrrot design, it's nice!


Great way to facilitate customer journey!


Nothing could be cons, try it.

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It looks so nice! Good luck, guys


powerful marketing tool with dozens of features


Need more time to explore them

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Awesome product, guys 🙌
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@oiv Hi Igor, thanks a ton! 👍
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