SaaS Marketing Automation Playbook

40+ free tips to improve your customer's journey from Dashly

Get the playbook to grow faster. It's full of tips for your sales funnel:
πŸ•΅ Capture the leads
πŸ†™ Convert them into signups
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Onboard them
πŸ’Έ Grow trial-to-paid conversion rate
πŸ“ˆ Increase ARPA
πŸ‘¬ Involve users in product development
πŸ”» Reduce churn rate
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14 Reviews4.6/5

I appreciate the message examples included in each step. It's surely a useful playbook for marketers who are constantly looking for the best SaaS marketing guides to add value to users.


Clean design and great visuals Well structured content Covered the different scenarios marketers go through when converting leads



Thanks @rihab_zd ! We really appreciate your feedback. Please let us know if you need some help implementing all the action plans:)

Beside that it has simple structure of each chapter, so you'll not be lost in the book. And soooo many beatiful and cute illustrations! I definetely would like to get a print version.


Simple guide, where you find clear steps to make your marketing strategy awesome! Just read it and the do it.


I think it's not a full list of scenarios and you can always add something new to the book.

Thanks. You're right about the number of scenarios. We have to show the basic and the greatest. We have plenty of them to share, but there would be x10 larger book that is difficult to read, so we have to keep marketers reading not scrolling the book

It's always good to see such resources being produced but I feel there's too much focus on marketing the resource and a lot less focus on the actual content. Hope this is seen as positive feedback.


The idea of creating a Playbook like this


It's a poor read, very amateurish

Hey, @irhymeth. Thanks for your feedback! When you do the product and also write a book on this field you are always have to keep the balance between market your product and provide the value. Mistakes and great feedback like yours push to make better things further! Thank you!
@roman_eaton Great and handy resource ! :)
@gautam__jain thanks Gautam, excited to know your feedback after you read this

Use it at your products.


I'm know this team many years, they have strong experience at user understanding, and their knowledge is useful for me.


I'm recommend improve language (name of metrics and etc).

Really appreciate your experience @daniil_khanin. Thanks for your feedback, definitely will make improvements in the next version.