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The best alternatives to Askedoo are Softway, Voice QnA, and Televort. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Askedoo
Peer-driven professional development for top senior leaders

  • Softway creates interactive experiences utilizing software development, animation, design & social media. Using digital analytics and measurement strategies, the experiences can be weighed against business goal...

  • The safest place to practice any languages that you want to learn, via questions and answers.

  • Get paid to stream live video on Televort.com! 1. Set the price to join your stream. 2. Share the link to fans and followers. 3. Start streaming. 4. Get paid! Head to Televort.com to get started.

  • Vodify is a Video-Based social network where anyone can ask and answer questions. Once you ask a question, a private video chat is immediately initiated with someone who can answer your question.

  • You can ask questions on any topic such as entertainment, relationships, health, technology, science, sports. However, you should only use a link when answering.

  • Keep it Brief is a question and answer site. Unlike other Q&A sites, users don't post questions and then wait and hope for someone to answer. Instead, you post a question you already know an answer to and provi...