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The community submitted 82 reviews to tell us what they like about Preply, what Preply can do better, and more.
What do you think about Preply?
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82 Reviews
Daniel Kotlyarov
Mobile Developer at W1D1
Preply is a fantastic language learning platform! The diverse range of skilled tutors, flexible scheduling, and personalized lessons have accelerated my language skills like never before. Thanks to Preply, I'm confidently speaking a new language.

Perfect for corporate use! Helps our team to raise the level of spoken English, which is very important for an international company :)

Pavel Grischenko
2 reviews
New and very important product on Preply. If you like to learn a languages and like do to it with friends, you will enjoy this feature!

Maksym Ridush
Full stack
2 reviews
Great platform for dedicated learners. Easy to find a tutor for your needs. So far I've been improving my English on Preply and started to learn Japanese as a total beginner with noticeable results.

Vira Mazurkevych
1 review
I definitely recommend Preply for language learning, and not only. Here you may find an ideal tutor for you with a schedule that suits you. I constantly develop my English on Preply and learn Spanish from beginning, and I am happy about my tutors and progress.

Tetiana Kosianchuk
Project manager
1 review
Before pandemic I didn't have a faith into online learning, but it changed so much. Started Spanish lessons on Preply – and it's cool to have a possibility to find a tutor from another part of the world!! And after I even took lessons of guitar playing (the most talented tutor ever!) and scratching! That's just amazing how technologies can make us better. Platform itself works perfectly fine with all needed tools (whiteboard, sharing notes, exercises for Spanish). Super glad and satisfied!

Jean Pascal Gribaudi
Customer support manager
1 review
I started learning Russian with Olha and I highly recommend her. Then my girlfriend started learning German, and even her mother started English. We all found good tutors at a good price, the website is clear and friendly. Highly recommend!

Gautier Preply
Teacher on Preply who regret it
1 review
DO NOT use Preply - DO NOT support modern slavery 1) Teacher don’t get pay. They keep a 100% commission (yes 100% !) of the first lesson. 33% for the nexts. Here is the problem : they allow many customers to book a first lesson for a one time job (a one time traduction, one time prononciation explanatory, one time lesson). The student of course don’t know that you are not pay and they weren’t planning to get more than 1 hour. Then, you work for free. Preply are aware of this situation but… they encourage it. Why not ? They keep 100% all the time. 2) Teacher can’t choose their students. Once your calendar is visible, any people can book it directly. You don’t have any saying. A student who wants only 1 hour lesson ? No choice, you have to accept it. You don’t teach for children but a child book ? No choice. 3) Teacher can’t cancel a lesson without being penalized.
There is only a limited number of times where you can cancel a lesson. After that, your profil will be penalized. Preply push you took make money « don’t cancel a lesson, move it! » Not simple as that. Many students ask me « I am not free for my next lesson, can you cancel it ? Hm… I can’t cancel, neither move it - because the student got recurrent lessons for exemple and they already have lessons planned in the futur. You can’t be late, you can’t cancel. Wifi problem ? Personal problem ? You have to teach. 4) Preply can block your regular students without any reason. Once you have made the effort to work for free to get some regular students and to keep a small amount of your effort… this isn’t the end. Preply can ban your students without any reason. It did happen to me. 2 of my regular students where having lessons from the same campus. Preply thought a student made a double account and banned both accounts. I made a complain and Preply lied to me. « we give the chance to the student to explain himself ». By chance the student gave me a copy of Preply’s email and here is the way Preply communicate : « We want to notify that your profile is permanently blocked from the platform for violation of our referral policy of the terms. The decision is final and can’t be disputed. We reserve the right to discontinue the communication as well ». Wow ! 5) Preply support is part of the joke 100% chat and they change every time the person you are speaking to. Here is they favorite line « we understand your frustration but you know our rules ». Teacher must work as Preply want without any saying and any pay. I contacted them a lot about it and they kept saying « this isn’t disguised employee ». Hey ! Of course not ! They don’t even pay the teacher. This is just some modern slavery ! I realized that many tutors are from poor countries. Preply use them. I have the chance to not depend of this platform to live. Some don’t have this chance and have to accept all their demands. Why ? Because YOU students are using this platform, so the tutors don’t have the choice but to use it. Are you a language lover ? Choose a platform that RESPECT the teachers. And for any reason support modern slavery. Learning and teaching should be fun and not such a restraint !

Once you pay for subscription, even high rated tutors are becoming neglective and untrustworthy. Either they keep cancelling classes or showing up unprepared. Preply, on the other hand, only offers you to transfer your balance from one to another until you find someone who would bother to provide you an average class. And untill then you probably will spend all of your money for this possibility. You can't request any refund no matter how much you are disappointed

I like the variety of tutors Preply has, and that you can connect with people from all over the world. What was important for me is to find a tutor that matches with my expectations and personality, once done, learning became more effective. I was able to improve my French level via the platform and started learning Spanish. The company's mission is very “human”, and that's another point that I like.