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Get approvals in minutes, not days. Right from Slack!
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What is Approveit - Approvals for Slack?
Cut the waiting time and eliminate lost approval requests: ✅ Ask specified teammates to approve quotes, docs, time-off requests, expenses, and more ✅ Automatic follow-ups ✅ Instant notifications on the approvals or rejections with comments ✅ Requests log

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Approveit 3.0
⏱ Create expense approval workflows in under 10 minutes
✅ Get approvals directly in Slack or Email with automated reminders
🔗 Integrate Approveit with accounting systems and spreadsheets
🔃 Customize your workflows using conditional rules
🌳Plant Trees
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Workflows by Approveit
Approveit presents the most anticipated tool - Workflows, a new way to build and manage your team's approval workflows in Slack.
Create your custom approval workflows in Slack with a simple yet powerful visual builder.
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