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Get approvals in minutes, not days. Right from Slack!
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What is Approveit - Approvals for Slack?
Cut the waiting time and eliminate lost approval requests: ✅ Ask specified teammates to approve quotes, docs, time-off requests, expenses, and more ✅ Automatic follow-ups ✅ Instant notifications on the approvals or rejections with comments ✅ Requests log
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Approve bills right in Slack or Microsoft Teams, automate vendor onboarding and stay on top of contract renewals. Approveit saves time, and enhances financial control with seamless integrations to Bookkeeping Systems, ERPs and Task Managers.
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Approveit 3.0
⏱ Create expense approval workflows in under 10 minutes
✅ Get approvals directly in Slack or Email with automated reminders
🔗 Integrate Approveit with accounting systems and spreadsheets
🔃 Customize your workflows using conditional rules
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