Sleep box based on Mark Zuckerberg's concept

#1 Product of the DayJuly 03, 2019
Zucklight is a sleep box packed with wireless charger and air quality management features. It notifies about the wake-up time by emitting a faint light of a certain color during specific periods of the night. It's built around Mark Zuckerberg's concept.
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Hi Product Hunters! We got our inspiration from Mark Zuckerberg, who came up with the concept to improve his wife’s sleep and shared his idea in a Facebook post. Our team accepted the challenge and developed Zucklight - a sleep box designed to help sleep through the night without distractions. We also packed it with features of a wireless charger and air quality sensors to show temperature, humidity and CO2 to make it a 3-in-1 gadget ideal for any bedroom. Let us know what you think. :)
@greg_hovhannisyan Congrats on the launch 😊
This might be the best thing Zuck has done in years, and thankfully, he has almost nothing to do with it! :)
@chrismessina Haha :D we also consider this his best invention recently.
Why can't I just use my phone to see what time it is?
@megan_burnette After you check the time on your phone the screen light harms your eyes and it becomes hard to sleep later. That's the reason we created Zucklight to ensure you don't miss a minute of your sleep. Basically you know if it's time to wake up or not, without being completely awakened.
@megan_burnette It has been proven that checking the time on your phone wakes up your brain, thus making it difficult to fall asleep again. So it's a simple idea yet very effective one!
@megan_burnette or maybe you can use a lock screen app that does the same? I guess you have to have an Android for that. https://www.androidauthority.com...
@megan_burnette @gianpaj hi there, it's not so easy to make a phone do all the things as Zucklight does ;)

When I wake up and see that it's 07:45 and my alarm is set on 08:00, I never really sleep this 15 minutes. Here's the problem it solves... I guess :)


The concept is really cool


Doesn't work for hard-sleepers

Wireless Charger is amazing idea! Any chance of Apple HomeKit support?
@akim_kasabulatov Sure, we have set a stretch goal for that kind of options. So as soon as we reach it (that's going to happen soon) Zucklight will be compatible with Google Home and Alexa for sure, and about AppleHomekit we are in discussions. So that's an option as well.