Zoho Flow

A comprehensive app integration platform for the cloud.

Zoho Flow is an integration platform that helps you connect web applications and

automate complex business workflows, effortlessly. You can create and customize

integrations, adapt them to dynamic business needs, and collaborate with your teammates on building centralized integrations.

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Hey Neeraj @neerajt4, thank you for hunting Zoho Flow. We are thrilled with this milestone launch, and you made our day. Flow is an integration platform that helps you create flexible workflows between web apps to automate the routine and complex tasks of your business. A workflow or what we call Flow, consists of a trigger and one or more actions. A trigger is an event that sets the Flow in motion and actions are the tasks that follow. For example, you can set a Flow in motion when a new ticket is created in a helpdesk software (the trigger), and automatically send an alert message to your team's communication channel (the action). Visually Intuitive Builder: We have made sure the entire process of creating a Flow is simple. With a drag and drop interface, that is also visually intuitive, the builder removes most of the complexities usually faced when building integrations. Powerful Logic elements: The platform includes Logic functions that help you introduce decision branches and set waiting times between tasks. You can also insert custom functions in your workflows using Deluge, Zoho's easy to use scripting language. Well Crafted Business Apps Onboard: Zoho Flow hosts over 100 business applications on its platform, and the list is going to double in the coming months. Not just that, there are over 200 pre-built Flows for you to use right away. We are offering 2 months extended trial exclusively for Product Hunt users. Visit zoho.com/flow and share your thoughts with us at support@zohoflow.com. Cheers, Rahul
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@zohoflow @rahul_____ You're welcome, Rahul! All the best! 😊
Thank you @neerajt4 :)
How is it different from Zapier?
Hi @andrew_alexeyenko, glad you asked. With Zoho Flow you can build complex workflows using decision logic with multiple conditions, each of them executing a set of actions. You can also have other logical elements like Delay and Custom Function using Deluge (our own drag and drop scripting environment), taking the possibilities to a whole different level. All of this, you can do with a very intuitive drag and drop visual builder. Not to mention, Zoho Flow is part of the entire Zoho One ecosystem which includes 40+ business apps. It goes further than any competitor in achieving more complex workflow possibilities.
@andrew_alexeyenko @rahul_____ Zapier also has delays and custom webhooks, scripts, ... And it works with 1000+ apps, not 40. Not saying some competition for Zapier isn't good, but please make informed comparisons.
Hi @andrew_alexeyenko @jeroen_corthout, when I said 40 I meant 40 Zoho apps. We have just released with 100 apps and when I say going ahead of competitors, I mean the complex business workflows that our users will be able to solve using our Decision (with branching), delays and Custom Function features. I did not mean to pin point a features here. Do try and let us know your feedback at support@zohoflow.com.
This looks very interesting. It seems that the API market is getting really hot :) Good luck team!
Thank you @itai_neter! Do share your feedback to support@zohoflow.com too.
it looks nice, however, would be great to have WordPress integration! very useful for bloggers and publishers!
Hello @juanpablosarmi, we have plans to bring in WordPress on our platform.
@rahul_____ still waiting for wordpress... any ETA?
Apologies for the late reply @prayas. We are looking at a set of other apps. Once those are added we will try to pick Wordpress. At this point I can't comment on the ETA. My sincere apologies.
We'd love to add www.chooseholly.com as an app - what do we need to do?
Hi @scotty_bowler. Thanks for asking. Please write to support@zohoflow.com.