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Custom apps to run your business.

Zoho Creator is a multi-platform builder for business users to create web and native mobile apps. Its drag-and-drop interface, backed by a powerful scripting language, makes app building incredibly fast and easy. There are also 50 plus pre-built apps that users can install and customize. The interface comes with a host of customization options including themes, form and report layouts, and gestures. Users can distribute their apps using Mobile Device Management tools, AppStore, and Google Play.

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Hey Neeraj @neerajt4, thank you for hunting Creator 5.  We've reached a new high with this launch, and your review has made it more meaningful. We conceptualized Creator 5 to reduce the complexity of app building. After an arduous and exhilarating journey, we've come up with a product that has surpassed our wildest expectations. Creator 5 makes app building exceedingly easy; anybody—even those without the slightest clue about programming—can build business apps in minutes.  All the apps you build on Creator 5 are automatically accessible on all mobile platforms, including existing 2 million apps too. So app on! We've given our mobile game a turnaround. The Mobile Creator lets users customize the app layout for mobile, with exclusive themes and gestures. We've also included novel features for mobile like image capture, geolocation, and geofencing to enhance experience. And to top it all, users can white-label their apps and publish on the App Store, Play Store, or through Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms.  The Page Builder makes creating professional-looking dashboards a cakewalk. It removes the need for HTML coding; users can just drag and drop the reports they want onto the page and customize it with a range of pre-built elements like panels, charts, buttons, and widgets, again with drag-and-drop.  The Workflow Builder gives automation a new lease on life. With the drag-and-drop interface users can automate everyday processes like scheduling tasks, granting approvals, and sending emails, SMS, and push notifications, without writing long lines of code.  For advanced workflows like data integration and processing, users can take advantage of Deluge, Zoho’s in-house programming language. To help users get started easily, we bring to the table, our App Deck, a gallery of 50+ pre-built apps that users can install and customize to fit their business needs. The apps range from standard business ones like sales management, order management, and expenses to industry-specific ones like logistics and real-estate; and niche ones for education and non-profit.  That's not all. We have added more exciting features. Check them out here zoho.to/c5 We can't wait to see what the world thinks of Creator 5! Do share your suggestions and feedback with ask@zohocreator.com. Cheers, Saran
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@saranbabu All the best! :)
Love zoho, love how humble they are. They quietly make so many great products
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@huangdun Super glad to hear that! Thank you so much.

I've been working to create BI apps to serve large team. This app is the very easy and very user friendly app I see sofar. I've tested ActivityInfo, Salesforce and Ragic. And if you want to make your hands dirty and tweak under the hood, you could just code some lines like JS in inline autocomplete editor and it works.

If there has been a word like UX-gasm, this would be the definition. And if you compare price / performance this is a killer.


Great UX, easy to use and custom coding if needed for complexity


None sofar

Very cool guys! I was trying to find info on the Free Plan and what features I would be missing, but the website provides basically no info on that. Why would someone want a paid plan over a free plan?
@daviswbaer Thank you for your kind words. The free plan works best when users wish to create apps for personal use. However, they will not be able to share these apps with other users. If you want to build more comprehensive applications on Zoho Creator, you could select any of the paid plans that are suitable for your organization. For further details, please check out the comparison page where we have explained the pricing in detail. Here is the link: https://www.zoho.com/creator/pri...

It is a cool app to work around with.


Easy interface for building Native Apps


Nothing really