Zoho Backstage

Event management software for corporates & agencies

ZOHO BACKSTAGE is an event management software for planners, corporations and agencies that makes it easy to manage large-scale meetings and events like conferences, trade shows, and product launches.

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Hello everyone, Thanks @neerajt4 for hunting Zoho Backstage - an end-to-end event management tool for meeting and event organizers, corporations, and non-profit agencies to run events, ranging from large-scale meetings to conferences and trade shows.  It has everything from multi-language website building, agenda planning, online ticketing, sponsor management and analytics gathering, to a mobile app for attendee engagement, and more. Get the most out of your event - before, during and after! Here's a short list: Design to impress - Build, edit and launch your event website in multiple languages. - Brand your website with a customized and secured domain name.  - Seamlessly integrated with Eventbrite for online ticketing.  - Produce a comprehensive agenda with an intuitive Agenda Builder.  - Highlight speakers and sessions to build interest.  - Get dynamic websites that can be modified even after publishing.  Market your presence - Promote your event and build your digital footprint.  - Make social media the platform for reaching out and attracting attendees.  - Embed event banners in your blogs and partner websites.  - Send targeted invitations and reminders to boost event attendance.  Connect to communicate - Create memorable experiences for your attendees with the event mobile app. - Facilitate your attendees to personalize their own schedule.  - Run instant polls, answer questions virtually and chat with your attendees.  - Run discussion boards and make announcements to pass on information and build an event community.  Assess to understand - Garner meaningful insights about your event.  - Get a birds eye view of the important event metrics.  - Categorize and profile your attendees based on the activity performed. - Review individual sessions through detailed engagement analytics.  - Schedule feedback email to get accurate feedback about your event.       Zoho Backstage works with Zoho Flow, an extensive integration platform that connects Backstage with over 100 third-party applications. We don't ask for your credit card to try Zoho Backstage and there's a forever free plan too. ;) We're excited about this release and we'd love to see how you like the product. Try it today! I'll be glad to answer your questions.
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Neeraj Thakur
@aarthielizabeth All the best! :)
Joe GoldsteinDirector of SEO at Contractor Calls
It must be tough to be Zoho when Google Suite directly competes with so many of their products, but niche-focused mini suites like this are a really clever way to differentiate. Good stuff.
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Shubhra ShomeWeb designer
Such an amazing software for managing events. Loved the Idea.
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Really a good one... I faced same problem and pain while conducting a small events... I hired a people to do this stuffs, it's a non-profit events but it's make expensive to me... Great for events organizer..
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