Customer experience feedbacks survey through chatbots.

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Looks good, just signed up and will probably make my first survey soon. But why isn't the signup done by bot ? :P @naveen_pr
Thanks!!! @arielassaraf , and signup by bot is really awesome suggestion :)
Hi, everyone! Big thanks to @kwdinc for featuring us! We built zittly with one goal - Every business needs someone who listens to the customers. Bots can be a good listener, It can empathize, assure action and record contact information of the customers. Instead of overwhelming the customer with tons of irrelevant questions, zittly is built to listen and record the one thing the customer has to say about your business. We appreciate the feedback and any suggestions
Zittly is a chatbot to collect customer experience feedbacks.
form design could have been little bit better but nonetheless i am ditching my google forms now.
@rahulkapoor90 Appreciate the feedback, We wanted to have a minimalist interface, will definitely work on the design.
Awesome way to get feedbacks. I would like to know if there will be a way to translate the start and end of the feedback gather. I am from Brazil and would like to have it in pt_BR. Thanks!
@andre_esteves Thanks for the kind feedback. And yes, multilingual support is down the road. Keep an eye on us
@andre_esteves might seem like hijacking the thread but in case you are looking to create a conversational form in any other language other than English, we can help you out. Here is one in Spanish - https://hellotars.com/convBot/de... And one in Hindi here - www.chattoak.com/hindi @Naveen - cool stuff! I am a big believer in chat interfaces myself :)
@jindalish Thanks for checking us out. Good luck with Tars. Lets be in touch and grow together
@jindalish @andre_esteves @naveen tried TARS. It's only in Spanish
@manishkbhatia English is obviously possible. That was just to showcase that the chat can be in any language. You can check out a demo in English here - https://hellotars.com/convBot/de... @andre_esteves @naveen