Customer experience feedbacks survey through chatbots.



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Ariel Assaraf — Co-founder & CPO - Coralogix
Looks good, just signed up and will probably make my first survey soon. But why isn't the signup done by bot ? :P @naveen_pr
Naveen Pacha — Maker modemly.com
Thanks!!! @arielassaraf , and signup by bot is really awesome suggestion :)
Naveen Pacha — Maker modemly.com
Hi, everyone!

Big thanks to @kwdinc for featuring us!

We built zittly with one goal - Every business needs someone who listens to the customers.
Bots can be a good listener, It can empathize, assure action and record contact information of the customers.
Instead of overwhelming the customer with tons of irrelevant questions, zittly is built to listen and record the one thing the customer has to say about your business.

We appreciate the feedback and any suggestions
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