Award-winning APIs/SDKs for video recording/playback


Susan Danziger
@susandanziger · Founder/CEO, Ziggeo
Great to be here on Product Hunt. Excited for our API for video recording + playback to be featured. We just released these new looks/features for our video recorders + players — and with our API and mobile SDKs, they can be completely altered to fit any design and use case. A bit of background: we launched our API to solve our own problem. We were buil… See more
Joshua Pinter
@joshuapinter · Product Dev at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
I don't have a need for video recording these days but I used to spend a lot of time doing development for recording video via Adobe Flash (Macromedia at the time) and anything that can help make that easier is a real win. This looks like a solid solution for that use case.
Margit Detweiler
@margit · Founder, TueNight.com and Gyrate Media
LOVE Ziggeo - we've used it onTueNight.com to get our readers to share their own opinions via video; super intuitive and easy to use. http://tuenight.com/2016/07/spea...
Joe Minock
@joeminock · AthleteProgress.com / Rails & JS Dev
We use Ziggeo at AthleteProgress and are really big fans of what they are doing. Beyond that, they provide awesome support on top of their already awesome platform.