Award-winning APIs/SDKs for video recording/playback

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Great to be here on Product Hunt. Excited for our API for video recording + playback to be featured. We just released these new looks/features for our video recorders + players — and with our API and mobile SDKs, they can be completely altered to fit any design and use case. A bit of background: we launched our API to solve our own problem. We were building a recruitment platform and wanted to plug in an existing API to record/play candidate videos — but shortly realized no good APIs existed so we had to build our own. A painful number of months later building out the video technology, we realized our business should be in the API (and then mobile SDKs) — and not the B to C platform. So from one (agonizing) day to the next, we shut down our platform and our business became a pure video tech provider. So now anyone who needs to build out asynchronous video technology (think, video profiles, video messages, video submissions) can use our API/mobile SDKs.
@susandanziger nice work - hope this gets a little more love on PH!
I don't have a need for video recording these days but I used to spend a lot of time doing development for recording video via Adobe Flash (Macromedia at the time) and anything that can help make that easier is a real win. This looks like a solid solution for that use case.
LOVE Ziggeo - we've used it onTueNight.com to get our readers to share their own opinions via video; super intuitive and easy to use. http://tuenight.com/2016/07/spea...
We use Ziggeo at AthleteProgress and are really big fans of what they are doing. Beyond that, they provide awesome support on top of their already awesome platform.

I use ziggeo with my app https://cyboolo.io

They have good documentation and really good api to implement rapidly.

Work fine with all devices and browsers.

Really good product but very expensive for small companies.


Easy to use. Very good api.


Very expensive even on starter plans and they changed their first price from 29$ to 99$ !!! Video storage in Ireland zone and not in France

Good to hear Ziggeo has worked well for you. Video storage is in the EU and/or the US -- with hosting in Asia Pacific coming later this year.