Genetically engineered to prevent alcohol's next-day effects


ZBiotics is the world's 1st genetically engineered probiotic. Ever.

We're a team of PhD microbiologists. We've spent 2 years engineering a probiotic to break down the toxic byproduct of alcohol (acetaldehyde) that causes the worst next-day effects of drinking.

Not just vitamins in a bottle. Real, hard science.

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you know you can just get an americano made with coconut water instead of normal water and it works perfectly and only costs you like $5


probably works


completely unnecessary

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Not sure if you're being cynical or just never been hungover...
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Also, our product only costs $5, and you know what they say: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
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While I would definitely see myself using this I would need them to ship to the EEA, I hope they do so soon.


Looks safe, very practical, and solves a real issue


Only ships to the USA

I have tried this and other hangover prevention techniques, and nothing comes close to the efficacy of Zbiotics. 10/10 would recommend
Pretty good product, tried at an epic launch party they threw. Alot better then many products I've tried.