Genetically engineered to prevent alcohol's next-day effects

After 3 years of development, ZBiotics launched the world's 1st genetically engineered probiotic. Ever.
The bacteria are engineered to replicate the function of the liver to break down acetaldehyde - the toxic byproduct of alcohol metabolism - in your gut.
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Big believer in this product! I was in @zack_abbott YC cohort and was a guinea pig for this product which, unlike DHM, uses a genetically engineered probiotic bacteria that breaks down acetaldehyde (the toxic byproduct of alcohol metabolism) in your gut. I use both and they're effective — but I especially like the idea of giving my gut super powers to break down the negative byproduct of liquor metabolism. (OH, but you still need to drink plenty of water!)
I've tested it a number of times and it definitely works!
Gave it a try, and even as a sufferer of Asian Flush, still worked pretty good.
That's certainly interesting. However, it was my understanding that the byproducts aren't formed in intestines,, so how do the bacteria get at them?
@lillian_haye great question! One rarely appreciated fact is that your gut, and particularly your colon (part of your gut), is actually a huge sink and source of acetaldehyde in the body, even more so than the blood or liver (see citation here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pub...). In fact, while blood acetaldehyde concentrations generally are around 70-80µM after a night of heavy drinking, colonic acetaldehyde concentrations can reach as high as 300µM. That’s because a large amount of acetaldehyde is actually created in your gut, produced by enzymes in both your intestinal lining and your microbiome in response to alcohol consumption.
Tried this last year during Santa Con... Can confirm, works as advertised.