Expedited DMV appointments with 50% shorter wait time

Get an expedited DMV appointment so you don't have to spend all day in line! 🚢🚢🚢🚢🚢🚢🚢

50% shorter wait time than through the DMV website.

The average appointment wait time in California is 3 *months* -- but we get you one in 3 *weeks*.

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Hey Product Hunt! We're thrilled to launch YoGov on PH for the first time. This is a long time coming. Our story started 2 years ago. Since then we've helped hundreds of thousands of people with easier DMV and government services access, but it wasn't obvious or easy at first. Two years ago, after moving on from my previous company, I had to deal with the California DMV. It was actually just to transfer the title of my vehicle, but it was incredibly painful. It took me 3 months to get done. That time included 4 calls to the DMV, 3 DMV visits, 2 calls to my bank, the leinholder, and just a lot of frustration. I finally got the correct form, information, and notarized signature but the next day I decided to put up a site with information on how to transfer a title in California. Over the next few days, I became an expert in DMV processes myself and wrote content to put up on yodmv.com the first version of our site. The goal was to simplify information easily so other people wouldn't have to waste time like I did. I did this for license renewals, registration renewals, and others. Soon I found out that, actually, the process of getting an appointment was just as painful so then I built a way for people to request appointments through our site for free. We'd book them an appointment then send them specific (and helpful) information for their appointment, telling them what to bring. This was really popular and soon we had hundreds of people requesting appointments through us. Then we found out that if we were patient enough we could find earlier appointments for folks, since the real problem was people didn't want to wait 3 months for appointments. We were like, let us be your assistant and hunt for an appointment for you - you can go on about your life. This is the approach we've taken with all of our services - we'll be your government services concierge and really make it easy for you to get these painful services over and done with. What excites me the most is that most people throw up their hands when they think of government services. They say, good luck selling to government or government hasn't changed and will never change. The truth is, that, for one, we're not selling to governments, we're building for consumers, and that means we can move as fast as we want. (Responsibly of course :) And I think about how consumers expectations have changed for everything: Google for search, Amazon for shopping, Uber/Lime for mobility. Well, one-click government services isn't a thing yet but we're going to make it a thing. Have questions or comments? I'd love to hear them! -Ryder PS, if you're interested in more of our story in detail: https://hackernoon.com/founder-i...
@ryderpearce Nice work Ryder! Really cool hearing your story 😊
Wow! 3 weeks in CA(!) - I had to wait for at least 2 months for my permit appt :/ This will be a real time-saver πŸ™Œ
Funny to see this on PH 1 hour after getting back from the DMV. I used YoGov and it saved me many hours of waiting in the not-so-pleasant San Francisco weather. Totally worth the few bucks.
@sebyddd That's a crazy coincidence! We can't say this every week, but based on the smell outside seems we've saved you from some pretty nasty smoke exposure as well. Feel free to post this in the Reviews section above btw since you're an existing customer!
I could have used this last year! How exactly do you secure appointments sooner than everyone else, @ryderpearce?
@rrhoover We'll help you next time Ryan! And we are like your personal assistant for DMV appointments -> Once you request an appointment, we start looking on your behalf! Open spots happen, it just takes a lot of patience :)
@rrhoover We monitor the DMV systems 24/7 for cancellations and last-minute appointment slots. It's a bit unpredictable as you might imagine, but we have a 90-100% success rate depending on region.
I used it, I love it. YoGov is a great company with great peoples.
@baptiste_dubois Thanks Baptiste!!