Elena Zhizhimontova

Elena Zhizhimontova



Co-Founder, TogethAR | Developer+Artisttogethar.io

Maker’s goals
  1. See if our features/custom libs could benefit from ARKit 2 & maybe integrate

    Sheba Mayer
    James Gallagher
  2. Stop purchasing domains for side projects :P

    Fırat Demirel
    Jorge Cuadra
    Sara Klaben
  3. Stop constantly hanging out in AR Chat with our users and get back to work

    Zoe Chew 🇲🇾👩‍💻🎹📕
    thomas thelliez
  4. Release TogethAR Beta to first 10 folks and stare at the console all day :S

    Ryan Hoover
    Vangeli Gelekas
    Joseph Fung
Earlier this year
  1. Research & impl the best permission asking practices for iOS

    Daniil Okhlopkov
    Donna Litt
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