Boilerplates for Slack and Alexa Chatbots feat. Yoda-Speak

YodaBots are boilerplates for Slack and Alexa chatbots. These are projects that can be cloned, modified and deployed in a few minutes!

Head to hasura.io/hub to find more boilerplates that you can build on top of.

Hasura Hub has a collection of boilerplates which come wired with a Hasura backend + easy git push based deployment.

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Hey all! We made a few fun apps to to celebrate the release of The Last Jedi. They feature the wisdom of everyone’s favourite Jedi master :). Check it out, clone - modify - deploy :) ---------- Hasura.io is a platform for developers to build powerful applications fast. Hasura gives you instant backend APIs on Postgres for data, auth and filestore, and a PaaS powered by Kubernetes with a git push to deploy workflow. Hasura Hub (hasura.io/hub) is a collection of boilerplates on Hasura that you can clone, modify and instantly deploy to kickstart your application development.