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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 03, 2015

  • Pros: 

    A lot of accompanying learning material


    Does not work with multiple currencies. Does not work with European banks.

    I paid the annual subscription, read the book, watched the videos and tried to make it work. In the end it wasn't making my life easier. My main gripe was the lack of multi currency support. The fact that their import flow is a pain in the ass, led me to switch back to spreadsheets.

    Jesse MS has used this product for one month.
  • Jan Beco
    Jan BecoSales & Marketing

    HUGE fan! Working with it for years. Helps our family to keep track of verything $$


    Got much better. But can be a steep learning curve. Need to have the nerve to figure out your own process.

    Loving it. Recommended it to dozens of people already. Helped us to get rid of a ton of debt. Check it out.

    Jan Beco has used this product for one year.
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Rob Isaacs
Rob Isaacs@isaacsrda · Founder, &us
Really refreshing when I arrived at the site that instead of it just being another bit of budgeting software, there is actually a 9-day course for free & 34 day free trial. Perfect timing for this being hunted given the abundance of new year's resolutions.. The thing w/ budgeting software from my experience is how they strike the balance between usability & functionality, I'd love to see a product that evolves as you use rather than showering me with all the functionality when I'm trying to get a handle on using the product..
Matt Fiedler
Matt Fiedler@iammattfiedler · Co-Founder, Vinyl Me, Please
This is really a great piece of software. Pretty sure my wife and I have tried just about every other product out there and could never find anything that meet our needs the way YNAB does.
Lucas@_agtlucas · Web Developer
Gabriel Puliatti
Gabriel Puliatti@gpuliatti · Founder, Emptor
I've used this for years— well polished, nice to use and has good mobile apps. Take their budgeting courses, helped me as a college student once upon a time! :) good way to onboard users to a way of thinking, not just an app.
Nathan Palmer
Nathan Palmer@nathanpalmer · Co-founder, CrowdOx
I've used this for a couple of years and it's great. They build into the software the notion that you should always be a month ahead. Plus the sync to mobile works great with multiple phones so my wife and I can stay in sync.