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David Carvalhão
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    They promise a lot and it looks great


    Terrible service, got an unsafe vehicle with several problems and the company refused to return the deposit.

    Rented a vehicle that started exhibiting battery problems, leaving us without power steering or power brakes on the highway. We reported it, tried to continue and were able to fix it ourselves, while losing loads of time. When getting to the destination, one window disassembled when opened. Reported that too. They refused to return our deposit and still tried to charge us a repair of the window at a value superior to what we were told was the maximum cost. Terrible experience.

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As a surfer always looking for a van to sleep next to the beach... THIS is an amazing service ! Carry on guys, you have a rockstar team <3 Another tip : Using Yescapa for a wedding. Sleep next to the party ;) Thank me later.
Thanks @geoffrey ! The service is used by all kinds of clients (families, group of friends, couples) and for various purposes (holidays, outdoor sport trips). Indeed, it is the perfect tool for a surftrip. By the way, we will release in the coming weeks a surftrip video with Lee-Ann Curren (european surf champion and daughter of triple world champion Tom Curren) and other Van's team members who used our services for providing them the right motorhome, at the right price, for their trip along portuguese coast chasing the swells.
The company has been launched in 2012 under the name JeLoueMonCampingCar. They have decided last year to develop the company abroad and have launched Yescapa last month, a brand that gathers all our websites under one european name. We are now working in France, Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal, Sweden and Germany and have the biggest fleet of privately owned vehicles in Europe.
Thank you @_jacksmith for hunting us ! We just announced our new identity : Yescapa (before it was JeLoueMonCampingCar in France, IRentMyMotorhome in United Kingdom, AlquilarMiAutocaravana in Spain, etc.). Yescapa offers the largest choice (2400+) of privately owned motorhomes and campervans in Europe and provides a comprehensive insurance for every booking. Since our launch, our community has enjoyed more than 100 000 days of bookings ! Questions and feedback are welcome!
Would love a version of this in English for the USA!