An ephemeral, real-time chat room with up to 6 participants

yap is an ephemeral, real-time chat room with up to six participants. your messages appear and disappear as quickly as you type them, which means unless you pay attention to what everyone says (for once), you’ll miss it.
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I'm not sure about using the tool for team collaboration but design looks lovely and productive. Just liked the ptoduct and your vision. Probably, we need a specific use case to use YAP but do not know what it is :D
As a huge @ginatrapani fan since the Lifehacker days, always love to see new projects she's working on. Love the design, testing to follow! Nice work Gina!
@alexlazarevic Hey thank you for your kind words! The whole team at Postlight gets credit for this one (I merely cheered them on and dogfooded a bit).
This currently has no way to curtail the (very likely) use of it for organized harassment (no means of reporting a chat for promoting potentially inflammatory content). Is this by design, ?Makers?
@jackyalcine This is meant to intro you to the design firm. Content marketing. Maybe they get findings and improve it, maybe they do something else.
@armand That didn't answer the question at all. Unless this is an affirmative to something that _should_ be concerned in offline situations (harassment) wasn't concerned for something that's meant to lightly mirror it.
@jackyalcine This is a valid concern, for sure. Because we don't track any content being populated within a given room, we don't have any way of moderating what people post. We did include the ability for room creators to block individual members of a room, but if a bad egg is in the admin seat, it's up to the viewer or yapper to leave the discussion.
I'm excited to check this out! Takes me back to the good old days of AIM messenger.
I really, really like this