Xero TaxTouch

The simple way to track business expenses from your phone

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Would love to try it out! When will it be available for Australia?
@yougeekybastard we don't have an ETA right now but it's something we are working on!
What is TaxTouch? Xero TaxTouch is a mobile-only app that makes tracking your business expenses and maximizing your business related tax deductions easy. It’s designed specifically for self-employed individuals like dog walkers, taxi drivers, real estate agents, consultants, yoga instructors, and hair stylists. Users can separate business expenses from personal by swiping right for business or left for personal. Benefits of using TaxTouch? It helps freelancers put more money in their pockets by categorizing business expenses they may not have known were tax deductible. TaxTouch also helps you work with your Xero accounting professionals. With a simple click, you can send your Schedule C (a required tax form for self-employed individuals) data to your Xero tax professional. Why did we build TaxTouch? Because there are 18.5 million self-employed Schedule C files that need pre-accounting tools to track business income and expenses. After conducting a survey we learned almost 50% of people surveyed didn't know how, or that they could, deduct expenses against their business. TaxTouch is currently available for free on iTunes and we really look forward to hearing your product feedback.
@henryfreel I'd love to use this, do you have an eta on Android?