X to Elasticsearch Sync

CLI for importing MongoDB, SQL, CSV, JSON to Elasticsearch

ABC import is a CLI that addresses the problem of indexing and syncing data from source X into Elasticsearch. It can work with multiple sources at the same time, supports transformations and mapping changes, and can keep data synced in realtime (for MongoDB and Postgres).

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Siddharth Kothari
Founder of Appbase Inc.
We created `ABC import` as a convenient way to sync data source to an Elasticsearch index. It does three things really well imho: 1. A small footprint process / docker container that can index or sync your data source with ES that is operationally simple vs relying on application layer logic, 2. Supports on-the-fly transformations with Javascript, as well as configuration of mappings (so if you want to set a specific analyzer on your Text fields, or set type mappings), 3. Works with a wide variety of sources - Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, JSON, CSV, Elasticsearch and more coming soon.
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