Turn your entire life into a list.

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Usually my thoght process goes from general idea to multiple sub-ideas until I get to doable tasks. No other app that I've tried allows you to do this the way Workflowy does. They all let you group by tag, or notebooks or whatever but they are usually one level grups.


The ability to nest list inside other list items is it's sell point to me. Dividing thoghts into more specific sub-tasks is key for me.


The way to interact with each item is a bit hard although key shortcuts are amazing.

I am a Web Developer


List manipulation is awesome


I haven't see any cons yet,

Best outline and note-taking app for me.

Using WF for:

- projects list

- clients list

- "inbox", "tasks" and "later" lists in kinda GTDish style

- quick note taking during meetings and

Using WF everyday for two years, happy with it's simple efficiency. No automation at all, but you can invent any kind of workflow using tags and search. Lately company significantly improved their Android app, but it still need more.


Infinite indent lists; operable with keyboard only; powerful search; tags


Weak mobile apps; no automation; no regexp in search

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Great simple tool to do whatever you want with nested todo lists.


Very easy to use


lack of image, color, link preview and customization

Can't imagine my life without this tool now. I use it extensively for a couple of years now for storing all my todos, notes, bookmarks etc.


Simple hierarchical list. Allows collaborative editing.


No deadlines and reminders for todos

Feels a little cluttered but really does improve daily planning and organization. Recommend to anyone with a laundry list of tasks each day.


organization, sublists, flow


a bit cluttered