Access and command your apps in Slack

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by Ryan Hoover (Founder, Product Hunt)

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I've talked about seeing a "Mega-bot" for other bots in Slack then I just saw this article on TechCrunch: Workato Chatbot Brings Enterprise Workflow Into Slack h/t @ron_miller An excerpt from the article: The idea behind Workato’s Workbot is to let employees interact directly with enterprise applications that matter to them inside the chat client — and bring a level of automation to that. It’s worth noting that it requires a certain language to get that information (much like you have to ask the Amazon Echo a question just the right way), but it’s also possible to create connections to enterprise apps with simple aliases like ‘customer info’ to reduce the amount of typing.
Text based commands are experiencing a resurgence - especially useful in this case where you can take actions in other apps without losing context in the current conversation.
sounds like IFTTT + Slack
@ourielohayon something around that is mentioned in the article
It is so crazy how after only a year. Slack is becoming "the" go to platform. You can operate your entire life in it.:-)
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