Winds 2.0 is a beautiful Open Source podcast & RSS reader created by Stream. Free desktop apps are available for macOS, Linux and Windows.

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RSS has been in a downward spiral for a while now. Readers are shutting down, sites are dropping support, user experience is poor, the standard is fragmented. It's time to revive RSS. Winds is a beautiful and open source Podcast & RSS app. The tech stack of React/Redux/Node enables makes it accessible for many designers and developers to contribute. Lets see if we can leverage open source to kick this trend back into the right direction. You can contribute in many ways. Share you thoughts about new features for Winds 2.1, suggest RSS feeds or podcasts to feature, contribute to the codebase or contact your favorite sites to improve their RSS feeds!
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@tschellenbach i cant seem to be able to create an account give me this error "There was an error when attempting to create your account. Please try again later. " any way to fix this ?
@r3djok3r1 thank you for the feedback! Unfortunately we did not show a clear error message for all validation errors at signup; we have a patch ready for this which will go live ASAP. In the meantime I suggest trying to create an account using an alphanumeric username.
@tommasobarbugli tried alphanumeric username still cant create an account
@tschellenbach This looks awesome, congrats! I'm really looking forward to seeing where the community takes this. Perfect timing to launch as well with all the negativity around the Google News redesign! As for feature requests - I'd love to be able to categorize my feeds.
@tommasobarbugli @r3djok3r1 which platform are you using? The team just pushed a fix for Linux and Windows downloads. Upgrading to the latest version might help.
So meta when your face ends up on a website for a product which is built using a feed format which you helped pioneer like 10 years ago.
This looks awesome, definitely going to try it out.
Nice to see our friends at Stream doing cool open source things!
@bendhalpern Thanks Ben, we will definitely also create some React related tutorials on

Easy to use, highlights podcasts nicely


Nice and clean