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Friend Mix

Create group playlists for you and your friends
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What is Friend Mix?
Friend Mix lets you build group playlists based on your friends favourite genres and artists. Create new users, add them to your mix and create a playlist tailored to your tastes. Discover which of your friends profiles were used to pick the tracks in the playlist.

Recent launches

170+ GPT-3 Resources
For the past few months, I am working on collecting all the GPT-3 related resources, that includes, tweets,repos,articles, and much more. By now, the resource count have reached almost 170+ and thought of putting this valuable database to public and here I am.
170+ GPT-3 Resources image
Full iOS 15 UI Kit
Huge iOS design system for Figma.
• 3300+ variants of components based on ↔ Auto-layout.
• 320 templates for iOS apps. Light & Dark themes.
• 3100+ latest SF Symbols 3.0 included for easy searching right in Figma.
• 50+ national keyboards.
Full iOS 15 UI Kit  image
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