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Excited to share this release today. Winds is an open source & beautiful RSS reader built using React/Redux/Node 7.0 and Stream (getstream.io). It showcases the power of Stream’s personalized feeds (using machine learning similar to Instagram, Flipboard, Etsy, Quora). Code is on Github (https://github.com/getstream/winds) and this tutorial explains how the personalization API works (http://blog.getstream.io/persona...). Over the past years, Stream has made scalable feed technology widely available. Today if you want to build your own Twitter or Instagram-style app you don’t need to reinvent solutions for scalable feeds. I believe personalized feeds offer a large opportunity to improve the user experience around feeds. Here are some good examples: - Many social apps can benefit from a discovery section similar to Instagram’s. - Content, RSS and media apps can highlight more relevant content to their users. Similar to how Flipboard and previously Zite do this. - Etsy has also released several articles about how their feed personalization tech improves ecommerce conversion I think those use cases are all no-brainers and clearly improve the user experience.
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@tschellenbach -- One of the best looking, clean RSS reader..:) I love the UI. Any plans for releasing the standalone version of Winds RSS reader? I'm not a tech guy (GIT), so if you could release a standalone RSS reader for windows, it would be great for normal users..:) I'm certain that it can be built in Electron: http://electron.atom.io/ good luck team..:)
@ramkumarhq Thanks for the positive comment! Glad to hear that you like the app. We just pushed up a native OSX client and are going to be working on other platforms as well. Stay tuned. If you'd like to get something native sooner than later for Windows, there are instructions on the readme that outline the build steps – it's pretty easy and uses electron behind the scenes.
@tschellenbach Though everything works as advertised, I would be hard-pressed to call this an RSS reader. It uses RSS, granted, but like Flipboard and Zite this is auto-curation first and RSS a distant fourth. If you use RSS to keep a dedicated eye on news sources, curation is the last thing you want; RSS readers are used to curate news yourself. That said, I more than welcome an alternative to Zite! Though it's a bit of a double-edged sword, I used Zite as a method to broaden my scope and get news from outside of my normal sources within an RSS reader. If the curation/personalization is too heavy, you might recreate your feed by machine learning. So, ehr... I guess my super-duper-hyper-personal comment would be to also create a kind of opposite curation within Wind: get me stuff that's on the fringes, broaden my horizon, get me to know more. Because honestly, finding the stuff I already like is not something I need help with at the moment.
Good Morning Product Hunt! Thanks for trying out Winds! As Winds is still early in its product development, we would love to know what features you want next. A few have already been suggested: -Import tools -Mobile apps -Email digests Anything else that we should consider for the next product iterations?
@uijudo I don't know about next iteration but would eventually love if you can wrap this in electron and I can get a mac version for it. I'll contribute :)
@uijudo more topics :p But I'm sure you guys are on top of that already. Would be great to see stuff like "Space", "Physics", "Linguistics"
@mikermcneil @uijudo Mike thanks for the great work on SailsJS! Adding more topics makes a lot of sense, anything else?
@artivilla Great idea! With a bit of UI polish it would really be great as a desktop app!
As always a great UX/UI and a strong open source mentality, I love what you're doing at Stream guys, continue that great job! +1 star on Github ;)
You guys are shipping product like none other! Looks awesome.
Whoah, this is super cool! I've been looking for a decent feed reader for a really long time. Eventually just settled on something free and terrible. Will be giving this a shot 👍
@jakeapeters I use leaf and really like the mac app. no mobile version unfortunately.