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Visual project management using sticky notes

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#2 Product of the DayNovember 15, 2018

Whimsical Sticky Notes is a visual project management tool designed for effective communication.

It's like physical stickies but collaborative and limitless. Great for Kanban, Affinity Mapping, Lean Canvas, Story Mapping etc.

  • Rajesh Kasturirangan
    Rajesh KasturiranganThink for a living

    Simple. Delightful. Joy to use.



    I have used Whimsical from the time it came out and have loved it ever since. The easiest way for me to get thoughts out of my head and on to the screen and then iterate on those ideas. Their sticky notes product complements their other two offerings, both of which are equally delightful. I am waiting to see what they do with mindmaps.

    Added bonus: as a visual thinker who writes a lot, I was using Whimsical's flowcharts to sketch my ideas, export the jpeg and flesh them out in Notion (another favorite). Sticky notes gives me an intermediate step since it has expandable cards so I find myself using it instead of flowcharts for certain purposes.

    As useful for writers as it is for designers and developers.

    Add the ability to organize folders and nest boards within each other and you would have solved most of my remaining problems.

    Rajesh Kasturirangan has used this product for one month.
  • Matthew Erley
    Matthew ErleyVP, Growth @Havenly

    Slick and easy to use!



    Loving this addition to the already AMAZING tool that Whimsical offers. I’ve been a paid user since the launch and really excited to build sticky notes into my work. Great job, guys!

    Matthew Erley has used this product for one year.
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Kaspars Dancis
Kaspars DancisMakerPro@k7d · ceo @ Whimsical
Hey folks! Here’s the deal. We are fans of lightweight project management (think Kanban) but couldn't quite find a tool that made us happy. That’s why we built Whimsical Sticky Notes. 1. It's a visual project management tool that doesn't compromise on basics. For example you can attach rich text descriptions, images, and checklists to cards. 2. It's simple, fast, and kind of fun. 3. It's great even for bigger projects where other tools like Trello become cumbersome. We have been running our own product development on Sticky Notes for a couple months now and it has been a blast. Curious to hear what y’all think. Enjoy! -Kaspars
Ken Yarmosh
Ken Yarmosh@kenyarmosh · Product guy who runs Savvy Apps
@k7d Looks great. The concept of stacks and an infinite canvas are awesome. I feel like you've undervalued the power of the product by calling it "Sticky Notes." I understand you may want to communicate that it's lightweight. People may not even take a look at it though because of all the connotation wrapped up in what a "sticky note" is. I hope that's helpful feedback!
Kaspars Dancis
Kaspars DancisMakerPro@k7d · ceo @ Whimsical
@kenyarmosh Yeah, thanks! Good point. Honestly naming for this one was a long struggle... which might not be over yet :)
Rich Peterson
Rich Peterson@richp_ · Business Process Consultant 🚀
@k7d I love your take on visual planning! I'm adding this to Software For Projects now.
RJ Lewis
RJ Lewis@rj_lewis
@k7d @kenyarmosh I respectfully disagree. The connotation of a sticky note in my mind is very much about being that thing that I reach for when I need to write, doodle, document something that I know I'm going to forget, but know I want to know... I buy all these expensive artsy notebooks and journals that end up being my kids drawing paper whilst all of the on-the-fly thoughts end up on my rather healthy supply of sticky notes on the wall next to my desk until I can input them into my brain (computer, phone - pick one). 😜
Ken Yarmosh
Ken Yarmosh@kenyarmosh · Product guy who runs Savvy Apps
@k7d @rj_lewis Exactly. They are something you write things down on, not a tool you can manage projects with comparatively. Beyond that, they are very much like Trello but with some seriously powerful upgrades. They could become a Trello alternative over time and they need to ensure they position themselves in the market that way.
Jeremy Kovac
Jeremy Kovac@jeremykovac · Product @Bus.com
Whimsical is BY FAR my favourite new app. Was genuinely happy to become a paying customer. We use you guys for all mockups and flowcharts at Bus.com. Keep up the brilliant work 😄
Shahed Khan
Shahed KhanHiring@_shahedk · Founder @ Loom
LOVE Whimsical. Excited for this new release 🌈
Jeremy Santy
Jeremy Santy@jeremysanty · Principal Designer, Brighten Studios
Nice, congratulations! I'm already a fan of Whimsical Wireframes so it's easy for me to really WANT to try this. 😄 So far Sticky Notes looks and feels great! Excited to put it into practice on my next project.
Steve Schoeffel
Steve SchoeffelMaker@steveschoeffel · Co-Founder at Whimsical
@jeremysanty1 Thanks Jeremy! 🙌
Patrick Thompson
Patrick Thompson@patrickt010
Looks really awesome! Love how simple Whimsical is to use. Excited to try out Sticky Notes and give it a go!
Kaspars Dancis
Kaspars DancisMakerPro@k7d · ceo @ Whimsical
@patrickt010 Thanks, Patrick! 🙏