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#3 Product of the DayMarch 27, 2019
Half form builder, half database, and fully customizable, makers use Dislack to build, collect and manage form submissions.
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Really cool! Works great and easy to use, even for me, with limited knowledge of such things :)
@buyaharbour thanks for sharing your experience. I'm curious to know where you think we could improve.
@braysonware I tried Dislack with Lndr.co (my own product) and if you could customize the confirmation-message-page or even make it inline, somehow - that would be awesome. (maybe it's possible already - didn't find the option)
Hey PH, Brayson here 👋 Dislack is a new way for makers to create, collect and connect form submissions. We are a half form builder and half database that allows you to create forms, collect submissions and connect existing forms with our endpoints. We’ve been anxiously waiting to share Dislack with everyone. As we celebrate our launch we’re offering 30% off any of our plans for our early adopters who use the promo code “producthunt”. You can also “Try It Free” by creating a form using our form builder or endpoints and share your form via a link or by embedding them. We made 4 examples, so you can see the type of forms you can build with Dislack. - Product Feedback Form: https://dislack.com/f/5c98143402... - Job Application Form: https://dislack.com/f/5c97f60f02... - March Madness Survey: https://dislack.com/f/5c98fbee02... - YCombinator Application Form (Mock): https://dislack.com/f/5c97cdd42d... 🙏 We’d love to get your feedback and our team is here to answer any questions.
@sam_getty what's the plan to differentiate from alternatives like typeform? It looks like tf in the early days with a prettier UI.
@santiibarra great question. We want Dislack to be a platform that goes beyond creating forms, we want to focus on the data you've collected and what you can do with it. Our end goal is to become a platform that allows you to eliminate the need to pay for 4-5 services that could be done by one. We want to be able to do everything from the frontend to backend of data creation, collection, and connection. It won’t be just how you collect data but how you can use it.
I haven't tried it yet, but it looks great on desktop and mobile. I would love to see an integration with Wix, since it is also a great tool for non-coders like me. Congrats on the launch !
@mauriciobj great suggestion and I completely agree with you - integrations are something we want to provide. Thanks for checking us out!
@mauriciobj Glad you like it and thanks for sharing. I would like to hear about your experience after you give it a try. As of now, we don't directly integrate with Wix but it will happen. You can still use Dislack side by side with Wix as each form built inside the form builder has a shareable link. I also believe Wix makes it easy to embed HTML too. We have a copy & paste option as well for non-coders to embed. No code needs to be written by you 😀
Congratulations on your launch!! The simple integration is key, and perhaps if you could add various levels of access for internal user roles that would help. Even customer facing user access for agencies would be helpful. Nonetheless, you guys nailed it out of the park!! Awesome stuff.
@alok_ahuja thanks for the praise, we really appreciate it! I completely agree about easy integration and making a platform that is simple to use and manage, whether it's just yourself or an entire team (or client).