A new way to create beautiful and intuitive how-to guides

Create intuitive how-to guides that quickly resolve customer support tickets. Easily organize a series of screenshots and video walk throughs that you can instantly share with your customers.
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It's a bit too simple at this moment, but this can be great in the future.


Easy to use.


No ability to add files other than pictures and videos.

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@richard_zoltan_toth thanks for the review! Curious to hear what additional features would you like to see in the future? What types of file formats would you like to add? Appreciate your feedback :).
Looks like a frictionless way to share demos, support ticket information, or pretty much anything where you need to show how something does or doesn't work!
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@mmmmmikes "or doesn't work!". That's a really good point. This would make bug reports so much easier for users! Thanks for the feedback :)
Love it. Great idea and design!
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This is great. Feature request: the ability to add images into the preso directly from Google image search.
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@jepatel Interesting idea. So I assume you can easily screenshot your own product from your computer, so what kind of images would you grab from Google image search?
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Love it! I can see our customer support team finding this useful
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