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Test your website load speed from 6 locations at once

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Very nice. Few minor issues - if someone types in domain.com, it comes up with an error saying "please enter a domain", because I didn't use the http:// prefix. It would be good if it could automatically detect that it needs this, and apply it accordingly. The loading icon image seems to be missing, when it's processing the results, the little image which appears underneath the bar that you enter the domain into. The map view is super useful, showing blue for where the server is based. A London server would be cool - lots of tech businesses here :) The timings are good, and were correct for a site which is based in Aus, so the first byte time got slower the further away the connection was in other locations. Very impressed and favourited for future usage.
@theashtube thank you Ashley, I will fix these. When it comes to London server I have to check providers with London available locations.
@csaba_kissi @theashtube Also had an issue when using all caps: ex: https://GOOGLE.COM
@dillon1337 thank you Dillon I'll fix that
With exception to Australia (sorry, Aussies!), we're doing pretty good: cc @k1ix
@rrhoover Yes Ryan, That's the issue with almost all web sites I've tested (AU). Actually, it's an issue with the longer connection time caused by distance and bandwidth availability.
@rrhoover @k1ix There are some companies that are working to improve the situation: https://techcrunch.com/2017/04/0...
@tomer_bin good to hear this
@andrewett Thank you, Andrew, for the hunt. This is my another (MVP) side project. It was inspired by needs to test my websites (server response) for speed from different locations because of visitors segmentation (USA/India/EU). Actually I test Time to first byte (TTFB)
@csaba_kissi great. It is better than pinger tool. Why do I see slower speeds from Australia? It is just my site or for every body?
@sridhar_kondoji its almost for everybody unless your server is hosted in Australia
It's dope that I can test my speed, but it's pointless unless you tell me how to improve it.
@dredurr Tell me your Web URL and I'll investigate ๐Ÿ˜
@dredurr Processing time of the page itself is very long. It took almost 3 seconds to start getting a response from the server. I would recommend you to use some cache plugin (its Wordpress site). I would go with the super cache which is super easy to configure or if you're more experienced user you can get the W3 cache, if you're ready to pay for it then the best install and forget alternative would be WProcket. Other very interesting thing is that you're using Cloudflare CDN and it didn't help. I would test some config settings there maybe there is something misconfigured in the backend.
@csaba_kissi Can you investigate mine please? I definitely need some help :/ Its https://upsidedeals.com/
@zev_friend Your server processing time is very long. It seems your server is busy or there is some DB optimization issue. Also, your cache control on the homepage is set to: "no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate" it means that cache is completely disabled even on the client side. I suggest you install some cache plugin to WP and enable the client-side cache. Check your DB for optimization, there are plenty of DB debug plugins that will show you heavy queries.
@franciskim_co Thank you Francis