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Great examples, very useful for those working on the UI side. I'm usually using UXPin's ebooks as a first-step in my research when looking to build a new interface or looking for ways to improve current ones.
Looks like a potentially good resource, but it asks for wayyyyyyy too much information in order to download. Sometimes I even refrain from giving an email address for free resources... but email, job title, team size and phone number?
Why is a phone number required?...
Guys, I know you probably don't like giving out your details, but you can always give bad info or just use disposable email addresses.
@nechitagabriel, I would recommend against this as it leads to wrong information being passed to the company. If multiple people are complaining about the same thing, maybe the company needs to restrategize how they're gathering the info.
@bootstrapio I know, it sucks as a company to receive bad info, but it's something that happens on a daily basis. I usually give my real info and afterwards unsubscribe immediately, if I don't want to receive any news. I actually advised the people from UXPin to allow people from PH to download the ebook directly or to require less information.
I agree that all developers must know this trends. But for example I use premium themes for websites, and it makes my work faster and more simple. Most of them already have professional design and functionality. My last work was with Enfold theme from templatemonster - https://www.templatemonster.com/... it is very flexible, you can take it in any direction you want. And it has the best page builder in the industry.