Travel spontaneously within a budget

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Hi Guys, Didnt expect to get hunted. Basically, me and my wife(@noa_bar_noy) wanted to travel somewhere, anywhere, but had a hard time coordinating between all the available data sources out there, our budget and availability dates, and, quite frankly, we just wanted to go. so after returning from our trip in Italy, we started working on Wander, curated hundreds of destinations and partnering with leading travel providers. if you guys have any feature requests or ideas, I love this community and would love to hear your thoughts.
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@itaisagi I love this. The only bonus I'd love to see is I'm usually flexible in leaving a day or 2 earlier or later if there could be a big price difference. It would be great to see deals if I were to change the # of days, or which day to depart/return that could result in extra savings.
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@kristofertm Check! that's defintely going into our roadmap :)
@itaisagi Love this! I built a v. similar app back in 2011 called Alakazam that scraped Skyscanner's API too. The idea was that you'd enter your budget / location and then shake the iphone and the locations would appear as either darts on a map or polaroids pulled from Wikipedia's images ;) Here are a few screenshots if you're interested (please excuse the design!) >> http://buff.ly/2ueAIWB
@itaisagi I abandoned the project to focus on another startup at the time, but stoked to see someone else pick up the idea of spontaneous travel! You guys might appreciate this blog post too >> https://medium.com/@Maptia/seven...
Love seeing more products in the travel inspiration space. This is beautifully done and a good reminder that flight prices aren't the total trip cost. Fwiw, some learnings from @hitlist_app (https://www.producthunt.com/post... we used to let people set a hard budget but found it lowered conversion - now we let people say whether they're interested in deals that are good, great, or spectacular. We also dropped hotels from the price, even though I think it's really important, because people have such wildly different preferences for hotels/hostels from trip to trip (and a lot of trips involve visiting friends/family).
@hitlist_app @gillianim thanks for the tips, defintely good stuff. from your experience there's no room for such product and you need to split it to be flights or hotels? because we basically try to provide a better solution for those who takes vacation packages in that, they can customize their stay.
Nice idea. I like the UI. One thing: the main page says "When will you be available?" So I selected all of August, assuming it would find me a holiday sometime in August for my budget. But instead it returned a 30-night holiday. Confusing!
@michael_speed Thanks, thats good point!
Have you thought about incorporating AirBnBs to help lower cost for younger travelers?
@robgmoulton We sure have, if any AirBnB'ers are out there, contact me :)
Love the concept :)