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It's been exciting to watch the evolution of this app as @gillianim continues to execute on one of the better travel apps out there (and it's both a complex and competitive space).
Thanks @chrismessina. We're sick of seeing apps that offer you 'cheap flights to Vegas' and thought there could be a better way to plan travel. Hitlist helps you find places that excite you, follow friends that inspire you, and scan the best prices for all the types of trips that might interest you. v3 is the culmination of four months' direct work but also five years of learnings in this industry.
Absolutely. Travel, and friends go hand in hand. Most of my travel decisions have been based on inspiration from friends. Making that process easy is a win!
@elbahnasy to put this into numbers - the head of product at Tripadvisor said that when people connected Facebook to Tripadvisor, conversions increased 27%. So it's not just you and me but a substantial number of users of the biggest travel site in the world that get travel inspiration from friends.
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Hitlist has always been so great for two reasons. 1. To find fantastic last-minute trips and go travel 2. To have the Instagram-like endless scroll strategy to get excited about traveling Keep killing it, @gillianim!
Congrats on the update @gillianim! Your team is putting together great products. Always excited to see what you guys do next! (ps. Checkout Wandertab if you haven't already from the team @Hitlist)
... and just found out that we're featured as a Best New App in the App Store this week. It must have been Product Hunt that won them over :) Thanks again @chrismessina for hunting
@gillianim you're welcome! Congrats!!