Walk Against Humanity

What your trainer's really thinking.

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Been using this app for a few days now and it's hilarious. The snarky notifications, the irrevent tone and design actually gets me coming back to it daily. See you on the leaderboard @rrhoover
@liveink the snark reminds me of the CARROT apps for task management, weather reports, and alarm. πŸ˜‰
@liveink @rrhoover Thanks for the Hunt guys! Walk Against Humanity says what your personal trainer is really thinking. With a mix of snark and motivation, we'll help you hit those daily step goals. Don't like apps being mean to you? No problem! Try getting Fun Facts or even #AltFacts as you hit your goals. Send "Burns" to friends who are being lazy, and take over your city with our local leaderboard. Check out more info here: https://www.walkagainsthumanity....
@thejaketyler funny idea. But where can I send feedback?
Lol this is great!
Thanks for the positive feedback guys! CARROT is amazing, love their snark as well. If snarks not for you, check out our #AltFacts setting :)
Brilliant work Josh and team!
@benleenr Thanks Ben!
Ha, nice Josh, love it!
@jgold242 Thanks Jared! Hope all is well!