The fun to-do list with a personality

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Ria Blagburn
Team Integrator, Vanti
A bunch of other CARROT apps have featured on Product Hunt before, but I love this task manager. It's a lot more fun to use than others, and you even get a kitten as a reward!* *Not an actual kitten
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Brian Mueller
CARROT's Maker
Thanks for the hunt, Ria! CARROT To-Do grew out of my frustration with to-do lists - they were all over-complicated and boring, and I always forgot to use them because they provided no incentive to keep coming back. I loved the idea of adding "gamification" features to keep users engaged, but I wanted to go beyond just adding points and badges. I play games for the story, characters, and writing, not to try to get a high score. So CARROT - a snarky AI construct who's sort of a mix of GLaDOS and my mom, my sister, and my wife - became the central character who sort of guides you through using the app and then provides a story that's slowly revealed as you level up. I thought CARROT might end up getting maybe 30 downloads from my friends and family - and that's exactly how many she got on her first day on the App Store. But she slowly started accumulating fans and getting mentions in the press. People loved the app: many said it was the first to-do list they actually used, primarily because they wanted to see what was going to happen next. There have been a bunch of CARROT apps since To-Do was released (Alarm, Fit, Hunger, and Weather), but this one still holds a very special place in my heart. I've got big plans for it in 2016!
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Yashendra ShuklaTwitch Streamer
@brianmueller333 CARROT Alarm and MCR's Na Na Na are the 2 reasons why I'm able to wake up on time everyday.
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Joey Tawadrous
Founder, flâneur, motorcyclist. Love 🇮🇪
I absolutely love this app @brianmueller333, and I use it every day. I cannot believe that it has not garnered more upvotes. Your entire series of apps are fantastic, and this one in particular, is the best of them all.
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Sven van der Zee
Founder PlayStudio apps
When does it come to Android, I would like to try it!