CARROT Weather

An eerily accurate weather app with hilarious forecasts

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CARROT hilarious, often demeaning apps for everything, including nutrition, fitness, and waking up. Their videos are always fun, too:
I absolutely love the CARROT series. I've actually never bought a weather app - until today. Bravo, makers.
Had a ton of fun making CARROT Weather! I always wanted an app that combined short term, 24-hour, and 7-day forecasts, but was able to figure out which type of forecast I would want to see based on context. So if it's raining/snowing, it shows me the forecast for the next hour. If it's not, it shows me the hourly forecast. And if I'm checking the weather for a place that's not my current location, it shows me the daily forecast because I'm probably looking at that place to plan for travel. Seemed like a great fit for CARROT, too, since she could have all this funny dialogue relating to the current weather conditions. (FYI, CARROT is not a fan of TV weathermen.) It's the "weather scenes", sort of like mini comics, that really made the app come to life, though. They were a ton of work as there's over 100 of them currently, but I loved coming up with all these random things. The secret locations were originally just going to be an Easter egg that would only pop up if you got a networking or location error in the app, but they ended up being so much fun that I turned them into a full-blown feature. Got references for everything from House of Cards to Silence of the Lambs to Spartacus in there. Hoping to add a ton of new content in the future, including radar, WatchKit, and a bunch more secret locations and weather scenes.
@brianmueller333 frankly, I'd love to learn more about the story behind CARROT as a company and personality. Also, it'd be cool to hear your thoughts about mobile monetization
This is really well done! Great work @brianmueller333. I had a little too much fun poking that robot eye.
Does CARROT have international data? EU/Africa?
@skylerwshaw yep! CARROT's data covers the entire world. The only thing that's limited to the US, Canada, and the UK is rain/snow prediction.