Vue InstantSearch by Algolia

Build beautiful Search UX on top of Vue.js & Laravel

Build lightning-fast, highly-relevant Search into your Vue.js app with the help of our search UX components.

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Hey hunters, The whole team at Algolia is excited to announce Vue InstantSearch, making it easier than ever to build beautiful search UX in Vue.js & Laravel. We've been big fans of Vue.js for a long time and spoke at Laracon US in NYC this past summer about our work with Vue InstantSearch. We're excited to get feedback from the PH community - especially front-end engineers who have felt the pain before. We'll be working hard to improve Vue InstantSearch in the coming months. Please tell us what you think! -Nicolas
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@rayrutjes also wrote a great article about it:
Was waiting for this ! Nice !

Used it a few times while helping with the development, so have in-depth knowledge of Vue InstantSearch, but also React InstantSearch and InstantSearch.js


It’s super easy to get started with but not simplistic


I still prefer React over Vue, so React InstantSearch 😉