Voice Intelligence for Sales Calls

Build a powerful sales call channel leveraging leading AI and on-demand sales agents. Get your team more meetings with qualified leads!

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VOIQ allows businesses to qualify sales leads in minutes, at half the cost of call centers, with a call force that scales on-demand, enabling companies to launch campaigns of any call volume. Create the call script, upload your contact list and launch.VOIQ matches your campaigns and each of your contacts with their agents based on commonality to increase the number of positive call outcomes. VOIQ professional agents across the country call each and every one of your contacts through our mobile app to complete your campaign. By using a click-to-call system, agents don't get to see phone numbers or email addresses in order to protect your prospects contact information. Get live insights on the number of contacts reached and how many of them are interested in your product or service!
Looks great! I love the mail templates that can be triggered by customer's answers (if I understood correctly)
Sounds like it would be very useful for sales follow up calls too. Seems like its not available in the UK which is a shame, though i court customers globally. They dont mention pricing anywhere?
@ricardogarciaam what type of factors does the agent call matching have? When you get someone live do you transfer or appointment set?
Seems like the business @steli used to have: Elastic. @steli : how do you think they compare?